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J-Flow Valve & Fitting Industry Co.

About Us

J-Flow Valve & Fitting Industry Co.(http://www.j-flow.cn)-is a professional iron valve & fittings supplier in China. Our factory occupied more than 67000 m2, which include foundry, Physical and chemical laboratory ,machine workshop,epoxy coating line, hydraulic test line,rubber workshop and packing. Also we have our own R & D team for specific design and machine. Along with CE ,WRAS ,SGS ISO9001,UL/FM approved, our products have exported more than 40 countries and area .Our main line include : 1.Cast Iron Industrial Valves: ■EN1074-1.2 / BS5163 /AS2638.2 /AWWA C509, C515 Resilient Seated Gate Valve. ■Wafer,Lug,Double Flange Butterfly Valve ■Ball Check Valve, Dual plate Check Valve, Swing Check Valve. 2.Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings. ■Dismantling Joint ■BS EN14525 Universal Coupling & Flange Adaptor for DI,STEEL,PVC,AC...Pipes ■BS EN12842 Restrained Coupling & Flange Adaptor for PVC/HDPE Pipe ■Tapping Saddle / Saddle Clamp for PVC,PE,DI,AC ...Pipe ■BS EN545/ ISO2531 Ductile Iron Fittings. 3.Rubber Expansion Joint. A simple browse, maybe a successful beginning ! Select J-Flow , Select Belief. Select J-Flow, Select cost performance! Welcome any business visit anytime !

Contact Information

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