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Hehua Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory

About Us

Our primary focus is the manufacture of woven wire mesh and cloth, especially in stainless steel, for industrial uses, chemical fiber, mining, filtration, and a wide range of uses. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Cloth, as an ideal filter medium, stands out when solutions for precise filtration and excellent corrosion resistance are needed. It excels in giving problem-free screening and is easily cleanable with excellent durability. The space wire weaves in square opening or rectangular openings can be woven down to a fineness of 5 micron aperture, also there are many combinations of filter weaves with retention in the micron range. In addition to coarse and fine stainless steel wire mesh, we also supply woven wire mesh filter cloth in other metals, like brass, copper, nickel, silver even gold. Hehua Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cloth made from choice wires are used for separation of solids and clear filtration of liquids, or in water treatment. Mostly used weaving patterns are plain weave, twill weave and Dutch weave (Plain Dutch weave and Twilled Dutch Weave) while we still use other methods like five- heddle and reverse Dutch. Plain woven stainless steel wire mesh is the most commonly used style of products. Every second wire is woven in, warp and weft wires run over and under each other alternately and interlock. Plain weave wire meshes guarantee optimum accuracy of apertures or filter pores. Plain weave wire cloth use wires that are thinner than the corresponding apertures. Twilled woven wire mesh is suitable for where increased wire thickness is required in relation to the aperture size. At least two wires are woven in pairs, subsequently displacing a single wire. Mesh stability is controlled by a combination of aperture size and wire strength, and displays a slight diagonal trend. Twill Weave allows a thicker wire and is suitable for heavy meshes. The wire position of twill woven wire mesh is less stable compared with plain weave. Plain Dutch Weave is similar to plain weave, while the warp wires are thicker and lie closer to each other. This type of stainless steel woven wire mesh is mainly used as industrial filter cloth and apparatus of separation. Twill Dutch Weave is a combination of the Hollander Weave and the twill weave. This type enables a strong wire cloth with super fine filtration. Twilled Dutch woven wire cloth in stainless steel is ideal for fine filtration.

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