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Meetal Industrial Wires & Hangers Co.

About Us

Our factory is located in the beautiful Anping, Hebei Province. It is close to Beijing City and Tianjin Port. The unique geographical position has given the company vitality. In the past ten years, the company has continuously expanded its scale, actively explored the market, strived to develop new products, improved product quality, and improved after-sales service. Now the wholesales network of products has developed all over the world and is far ahead in the same industry. We are established exporters of metal wire hangers, with services covering wire hangers, drying racks, hanger grid panels, wires for forming hangers as well as hanger making machines. Our products include: Hanger Wires: Galvanized Hanger Wire PVC Powder Coated Wire Hangers: Painted Metal Hanger Galvanized Hanger PVC Coated Hanger PE and Polyester Coated Hanger Hanger Pins Hook Hangers Hanger Gridwall Panels Laundry Hangers Factory: Hanger Machines Our clothes hangers and laundry hangers are exported to Europe, America and other countries: Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, US, UK, Jordan, Saudi Arab, Cameroon, Qatar, etc.

Contact Information

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