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Battery operated Hexagonal dieless crimping tool


HDL 300BBattery operated Hexagonal dieless crimping toolCrimping Capacity10-300mm2 Cu / Al terminal / sleeve , maximum Out diameter ?32mmOut force125kNOperating pressureMaximum 700BarOperating Voltage14.4V DC Li-ion BatteryCharging Voltage100 / 220 VACWeight10kgDimension480x90x420mmStandard accessoriesPlastic carry case x 1, Charger x 1, 14,4V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery x1 , Shoulder girdle x1Application:Suitable: Cu and Al strand and webbing conductor connection crimpingMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSKEY FEATURES:Real hexagonal crimping without deckle edge, fitting compression without bending.Step less crimping size setting from 6-34mm (10-300mm2strand or webbing conductor)Out force control depend on size and material of fitting, smart force controlCrimping force control by electronic sensor, precise and reliable.Pressure relief by manual, keep pressure for hold fitting avoid spring return of crimping.Crimping head open able, suitable for sleeve or joint connection works.With LED light for working at dark place.EMAIL:[email protected]

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  • Quantity:  300
  • Packaging:  Plastic case
  • Place of Origin:  China
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  • Delivery Lead Time:  2 DAYS
  • Information validity to:  2018-1-18
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HDL 300BBattery operated Hexagonal dieless crimping too...
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