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Ego Electronic Cigarette 650mAh EGO-CE4 1.6ml Atomizer with eGo C Twist Battery


Ego Electronic Cigarette 650mAh EGO-CE4 1.6ml Atomizer with eGo C Twist Battery Features · Clearly marked voltage setting that you will not need a magnifying glass to see.· 3.2v to 4.8v smooth turning voltage adjustment dial.· Short Circuit protection· 5 Click on off button· Works with 510 and EGO gear.· Smoktech eGo VV Battery 650mah, 900mah,1100mah,1300mah· Charge With eGo Charger Only Advantages: EGO C Twist variable voltage battery is the latest variable voltage battery made by Kelvin, a leading electronic cigarette company. Each battery has inner smart buck-boost converter, which can adjust voltage output from 3.2V ~ 4.8V by spinning the knob at the bottom. Each increment is 0.2V. The battery can work at 4.8V stably. The voltage output wont decrease when power is less. Specification: Model of item: electronic cigaretteBattery capacity: 650mah/900mah/1100mahcharging time:2hs6hspuffs on full charger:900 puffs1300 puffsCartridge: 200 puffs (2s per puff) 0.75ml Atomizer capacity: 1.6mlBattery size: 14*72mm/14*87mm/14*97mmBattery Weight: 40g/44G/48g Tips: The EGO series have the battery power protection system, for the first time use, press the switch button five times quickly, the battery will be unlocked, another five times press will lock the battery again. Package Included: 1 * Electronic Cigarette1 * USB Charger1 * Gift box Packing Why choose E-cigarette:1. No tar and other carcinogenic substance.2. Harmless to others and the environment.3. Smoke in public places, enjoy smoking anywhere anytime.4. Enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully.5. Save the smoking cost of nearly 80% each year.6. No ignition and no fire hazard. Applications: 1. USER A. The one who Smoking a lot of cigarettes B. The one who works in the space where smoking is prohibited. C. The one who willing to stop smoking.2. Location A. Railway station, Theatre, Hospital, Library or the nonsmoking place. B. Petrol stations, Gas stations, Forest or the non-fire place. Competitive Advantage: 1. Without tar and other carcinogenic substance.2. Friendly and harmless to others and environment.3. Free from second-hand smoking.4. Available smoking in a public place.5. Enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully.6. Save the smoking cost 80% each year.7. No ignition and no fire hazards.

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