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Flexible Plastic French Curve Ruler Inking Edges On All Sides 1203S


Flexible Plastic French Curve Ruler Inking Edges"list-style-type:square"All products we produced could meet the test requirement for Europe & USA.Established at 1995, with more than 20 years experience, worldwide business partner.The best price, short delivery time and the most competitive price can be provided.We can guarantee goods shelf life time, and free return.We can offer all products no only on the existing design but also ‘’OEM’’ If any interest, just feel free to email or call us!

  • Purchase Type:  
  • Quantity:  1+
  • Packaging:  1.2 - 2.2 usd/pc
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • PriceTerms:  1.2 - 2.2 usd/pc
  • Delivery Lead Time:  
  • Information validity to:  2016-7-7
  • Contact Preference:  Intended person ask phone connection.

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