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Heat Proof Building Insulation Materials


Hot-Selling Building Heatproof Material , Thermal Insulation Building Materials Rock WoolDescriptionsRock wool is a kind of high-strength rock wool board which is made of high quality basalt as the main material, through high temperature melting and the high speed centrifugalization at first, with advanced 3D method production technology, then through the thermosetting. Its advantages include thermal insulation, Grade A fireproof performance, and good hydrophobicity, high strength, sound-absorbing and noise reduction etc.Product name High quality rock wool Material Basalt Color Light Yellow Density 80-150kg/m3 Feature Eco-friendly Certificate ISO OEM Accepted Function Thermal insulation Virtues• Grade A1 incombustible materials• Easy to clean & easy to bend• Stable physical properties• Water and oil proof• Low moisture absorption• Rebound degree after compressive packing is up to 99.2%Used for1. Excellent Insulation Excellent insulation is the basic character of rock wool. In normal temperature(about 25), thermal conductivity is 0.03-0.047w/m.k2. Non-flammability. Rock wool belongs to inorganic mineral fiber, which determines the nonflammability of rock wool board3. Sound proof. Construction Marine Rouxul acoustic rockwool has great sound proof and sound absorbing characteristic. what can we do 1. Reliable Quality---Pass the CE & ISO CertificateS 2. Better Performance---Excellent Heat Insulation/Grade A Fire Proof/Soundproof Insulation 3. Competitive Price---Assure the factory price and NO additional fee 4. Fast Delivery Time---10-15days after receiving the deposiy. 5. Early reply and Satisfied Service---We are right here at any time. Questions & AnswersQ: Which port can you support? A: Tianjin Port, Beijing.Q: Whats your Minimum order quantity(MOQ) of your product? A: 1-3 Tons.Q: Whats your delivery time of your products? A: Usually it takes about 15-20 days after receiving the advance payment to send out the goods by sea or air.

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