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Mining Equipment


We are manufacture of mining equipment include mucking machine, Rocker Shovel Loader, Electric Rock Loader, scraper loader, Mucking Machine,Rocker Shovel,Small Muking Machine. Z Series Electric Mining Tunnel Mucking Machine is designed as light, compact, flexible, easy operated and stable working equipment for underground mining, suitable for normal rocks, stones, grits, iron mine, gold mine, granite mine, and other metal or nonmetal mines. Maximum size of the loadable rocks can be 500mm diameter, and they gain highest efficiency by loading 100-400mm diameter rocks. Z Series Mining Mucker Machines are suitable for level tunnels (8degree maximum) for various underground mines. Z Series Rocker Shovel Loaders are designed as electric or compressed air driven, single bucketed and automatic walking machines by loading at front and unloading at back.

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