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OEM / ODM PVC Conduit And Fittings Australia PVC Plain Coupling, PVC Electric B


OEM / ODM PVC Conduit And Fittings Australia PVC Plain Coupling, PVC Electric Bend Conduit Description: TOPELE Australia PVC PLAIN COUPLINGMarking: TOPELEMaterial: PVCStandard: AS/NZS 2053.3:2001Size: 20mm, 25mm Other Junction Boxes: One way box-terminal box. Two way box-Angle box, Two way box-Through box, Three way box-Tee box, four way box-intersection box, Elbows, Intersection T box available Applications: TOPELE Australia PVC PLAIN COUPLING to protect conductors, act as pull and splice boxes, interconnect lengths of conduit, change conduit direction and provide access to conductors for maintenance and future system change. Specifications: TOPELE Australia PVC PLAIN COUPLINGMarking: TOPELEStandard: AS/NZS 2053.3:2001Size: 20mm, 25mm Competitive Advantage: TOPELE Australia PVC PLAIN COUPLING+Quick Delivery: 30days for"left"

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  • Information validity to:  2014-12-4
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