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OLV-B1 Battery Portable Oxygen Concentrator With CE Certificate


?Product Introduction Oxygen concentrator is mainly used in supply oxygen to improve the body's physiological and biochemical environment, promote the virtuous circle of the metabolic process to cure disease, relieve symptoms and promote rehabilitation and prevention of disease and improving health.Clinical practice has proved that oxygen therapeutics, with its unique treatment mechanism of acute and chronic ischemia oxygen deficiency symptoms in clinical departments and secondary disease caused by hypoxia, can effective treatment effect.Appropriate resuscitation, and improve microcirculation, alleviate as necessary to maintain alveolar gas oxygen partial pressure of the respiratory system load, reduce to maintain necessary such as cardiac load effect of arterial blood oxygen partial pressure.Therefore, in the aspects of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, first aid medicine, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation and health care medicine, oxygen therapy and oxygen care have an irreplaceable important role and broad development prospect.

  • Purchase Type:  ElectronicCommerce
  • Quantity:  1
  • Packaging:   carton packing
  • Place of Origin:  Henan zhengzhou
  • PriceTerms:  180-380
  • Delivery Lead Time:  5-7 working days after payment
  • Information validity to:  2018-6-28
  • Contact Preference:  Intended person ask phone connection.

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?Product Introduction Oxygen concentrator is mainly use...
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